10 top tricks to organise your Infusionsoft

Maximizing Infusionsoft: The Not- So-Known Tricks

You may be using Infusionsoft for quite a while now and still don’t notice the benefits it promised to give you. All your customer data are in place, you can now track their behavior and anticipate their needs yet your efforts are not bringing in sales. Chances are, you will feel you got tricked into buying useless software. Before forming that conclusion let us present you with the not-so-known tricks in using Infusionsoft that will help you generate more leads and bring in sales:

1. Categorize your customers via tags

Identify the similar traits among your customers – who are those who bought item A, who are interested in item B, so on and so forth. Assign tags for each separate group. Once you have classified your customers into groups, you can tailor-fit your action to each group.


2. Let Infusionsoft create reports that you need

Infusionsoft can go beyond marketing. You can generate reports that will give you a complete picture of how your business is doing. You can monitor your sales, look at how much profit you’re making, identify failed payment transactions so you can know the areas in your business that needs attention.

3. Use the branding center to keep your brand current

You can create and edit design styles for your emails, forms and other marketing materials in the branding center. You can choose from the different layouts available the look that’s most apt for you. You can even use the branding center to design your logo and adjust its size so it will look well in your banners, pages and ads.

4. Score your leads automatically

Use Infusionsoft’s ability to point out the leads that are working and those that are not. It can measure a prospect’s interest level and with this data, you can decide which strategies you should continue and which ones you should change. Infusionsoft can score your leads based on your prospects’ behavior such as the links they have clicked, emails they have opened and the forms they have submitted.

5. Organize your sales process

The type of information you give out should be in tune with your prospects’ interest. Identify the information that you don’t need to give out because they are not needed at a particular time. You will avoid overloading your prospect with unnecessary information. You can do this by setting up appropriate reactions to certain actions.

6. Use Infusionsoft campaigns

There are campaigns that you can download from Infusionsoft, from birthday greetings to new product announcements. You can customize these campaigns, run them and schedule their release. You can even set the release date for the follow-ups.

7. Delegate tasks to Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft can handle tasks like tagging, data entry and more. Delegate these tasks to Infusionsoft so you can handle more pressing matters.

8. Let Infusionsoft do the routine follow-ups

It’s not rare that some customers may pay with an expired credit card. There is an option in Infusionsoft’s e-commerce settings that will enable the system to do the follow-up and collecting.

9. Fix your dashboard

Do away with a generic dashboard by picking out processes that you actually use. There is no limit when it comes to customizing. You can put as much information as you want and change the content based on what you need to see.

10. Care for your prospects

Whether or not your prospects are in your website, it’s imperative that you take care of them.

11. No to generic e-commerce

Make sure that the few minutes your customers interact with you will leave a lasting impression. You cannot do that when your site is boring. Take advantage of Infusionsoft’s customizable features to create a memorable experience for your customers.

12. Remain in contact with customers

Customers who have bought your product will keep on coming back if you stay in touch with them. With Infusionsoft, you can tag these customers to receive campaigns regularly so they can still check you out.

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