30 Social Media Metrics – Free PDF


Social media is impossible  to measure. Right?

Why does measuring social media always seem so complicated?

Probably because there are as many ways to measure social media as there are social media networks (and there are a lot of those).

It’s kind of like pulling over in a car and asking for directions from a group of people. Everyone’s going to have their own favorite route or shortcut when you really just need one way that works.

So let’s cut through the crowd and find the way.

pdf-button-clear (1)As social media marketers, your job isn’t tweeting or pinning or posting. It’s driving results for your clients. Social media is just a means to get there.

In order to justify your job and translate your worth to bosses and clients, you’ve got to be able to understand and quantify the impact of your efforts and campaigns.

The first step is asking the right questions to define your goals. There are hundreds of metrics you could analyze. But which ones tell you whether your strategies are working?

No matter what the social network, all campaigns have at least a few big-picture goals in common. You want people to discover your brand or product, engage with you, visit your site and, eventually, become your customers.  Media Junkies-social-metrics



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