AI is everywhere! New AI ad creation and performance tools just dropped

AI's at every turn - Are you ready?

We looked, and no, we didn’t see any swings, slides, or monkey bars…

… But Meta does have a new “testing playground” for the company’s expanding suite of AI-powered advertising tools.

Keep the sand in the sandbox: So far, there are three generative AI tools you can pilot…

  1. Text variation. Create multiple versions of ad copy based on your description.
  2. Background generation. Generate background image from text inputs which can help you create multiple assets for the same product.
  3. Image outcropping. Adjust your image for any of Meta’s various ad formats.

Right now, only a select few advertisers have access to the AI Sandbox.

But don’t worry, Meta said it will start opening the Sandbox to other players sometime in July.

Predicting the future, sort of: There’s also Meta Lattice, a model architecture that learns to predict ad performance across a variety of datasets and optimization goals.

This “holistic model architecture” uses trillions of parameters to measure the quality of ads and help you both track and improve performance.

Meta also released new features for Meta Advantage, a portfolio of AI and machine learning ad automation products that includes:

  • Switching manual campaigns to Advantage+ shopping in one click.
  • Using video creative in catalog ads in addition to static images. Now you can import videos, including branded videos or customer demonstration videos.
  • Performance Comparison tools that help you compare existing manual sales campaigns to Advantage+ shopping.
  • Advantage+ Audience suggestions that let you suggest audiences to Advantage+ to guide the system to find more prospects.

Whew, we’re done. It’s a lot, for sure, but definitely worth looking into…

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