Christmas and holiday season marketing ideas – are you ready?

As you may have guessed, these are not normal times we’re living in! But, unusual times (thankfully) open up unique opportunities to set yourself apart from your competition and use the holiday season to boost sales.

Although the competition gets higher and restricted tracking scripts make it harder to get results, there are plenty of ways to adapt and thrive.
But how… you may ask?

Well, it is time to focus on content, creatives, and other ways to punch through the noise. We’re going to share an example of copywriting you can use to mold your content into the current climate - use it to your advantage.

Example Ad Copy For Our Clients:

Lower stock levels and delays on deliveries are set to cause major disruptions for anyone who leaves their shopping to the last minute. It will pay to shop early this year, in order to avoid any disappointment. We wanted to highlight these challenges and how you can avoid them.

Remember: doing your shopping early can save you a ton of headache later!

With all that is going on with retail in the various states, a further challenge is going to be supply of products for that all important Christmas gift giving. With less flights, lockdowns and issues getting stock from overseas, it’s clear Christmas will have to come even earlier this year.

Online sales are booming as less of us can shop in physical stores and that is putting huge pressure on Australia Post, who are one of the main delivery providers. And, because of the lockdown, people have more time on their hands and are ordering even more products online.
Don’t let your parcel be the one held up in the pile because you were too late in ordering. Don’t say I will do this later; only to turn around and realize it is too late! We have an amazing range of great Aussie products that would make fantastic Christmas gifts for your loved ones, both here in Australia and overseas.

Are you planning to shop early this year? Let me know in the comments section below.

Between the pandemic and Apple’s infamous new privacy updates released, Q4 will be tremendously different from any other you’ve experienced.

This holiday season, the winners and top-performing marketers are the ones most prepared for whatever comes next.

Because they’re the experts who have what it takes to turn unprecedented times and holiday craziness into unbelievable results.

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What else can you do and how can you use digital marketing to bolster your reach, clicks and sales?

The holidays are fast approaching, and this is the time to do your best effort, sales wise. People spend during the holidays, and while sales organically go up during this time, so does competition. Everybody wants a slice of the sales pie - the bigger the slice, the better.

What is your game plan? Are you planning to use Facebook ads to promote your products?

Facebook ads is an unbelievably powerful tool. Everybody is on Facebook: especially during the holidays when the need to connect goes up. Take advantage of this time. Let Facebook users see your products or services without being intrusive.

Do you know how to implement this powerful tool?

If not, then let this article show you the key steps in getting the best results from your FB ad campaigns.

step 1

Optimize website for traffic – Set up a Facebook pixel and install it on your website immediately so it can start collecting data from your visitors. The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that shows Facebook who your audience is and what they’re doing.

It will also allow you to tell Facebook what you want to see more of so you can get the best results possible. You should also add event codes that will record specific movements or events as they happen, such as when someone fills up a cart or checks out an item.

This video will show you how to set up Facebook pixel on your website.

Related to this, it is important that your website is optimized for mobile use. Almost 99% of Facebook users use a mobile device so your website should function just as well on a cellphone or tablet as it does on a desktop.
Make sure that your website loads quickly. People do not use social media for shopping, and your ad actually distracts them from browsing through the newsfeed. A fast-loading website will show them what you want them to see before they scroll past you. You can check your website’s load speed and mobile performance by using Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

Removing pop-ups on your landing page is highly recommended. Users hate pop-ups and Facebook frowns on unpleasant user experience

step 2

Use the Facebook Product Catalog – You can sell your products through an online store on your FB page via the FB Shops platform. These are the steps:

  1. 1
    Create a Commerce Manager account.
  2. 2
    Add your products to your Facebook catalog. Include images and prices for each item.

Once your account is linked to your Business Manager, you can start using your catalogs in your Facebook ads, including dynamic product ads. Dynamic product ads allow retargeting people who looked at your website but did not buy. They will keep on seeing you until they give in to the purchase.

step 3

Plan your campaigns – You always have something to offer to your audience to entice them to buy. Do not give everybody the same thing. A well-timed release of offers gets better results.

For example, if somebody adds a product in their cart, but does not proceed with the checkout, show them an ad that comes with free delivery. Or, if someone is dilly-dallying with the checkout process, entice them with a discount.
You are not limited to giving discounts. Other offers you can give during the holiday season are free gift-wrapping or guaranteed delivery when they order before a specified date.
During the 4th quarter, there are many holidays worldwide that you can take advantage of. These are the key dates in 2021:

October 31 – Halloween
November 4 – Diwali
November 25 – Thanksgiving (US)
November 26 – Black Friday
November 27 – Small Business Sunday (US)
November 28 – Hannukah
November 28 – Cyber Monday
December 4 – Small Business Sunday (UK)
December 18 – Super Saturday (last Saturday before Christmas)
December 24 – Christmas Eve
December 25 – Christmas Day
December 26 – Boxing Day (UK)
December 31 – New Year’s Eve

Remember that ad costs go up the closer you get to the promotional date, so plan accordingly. Also, make sure your catalog is ready and updated as needed. It is irritating for buyers to see an ad for something that is not available – worse, it may turn customers off your brand as a whole.

step 4

Test your audience and adsTo guarantee that you have the correct type of ads that will work with your audience, do your testing early. Testing your ad creatives and copy may seem tricky, because you don’t want to release your holiday ads when it is months away, but you can do some broad testing. Some examples are:

  • Tinker with the colors and themes to see which ones attracts the audience.
  • Do you audience engage more with video or pictures?
  • What type of copy works well – short and snappy or long?

As you test, you will have an idea how long and how much it costs to convert somebody into a customer. When you have identified what works, you can schedule your Facebook Ad campaigns with confidence.

step 5

Supplement with organic contentFacebook ads will work well when supplemented with organic content. After planning your paid efforts, plan your organic content. Show your visitors product testimonials, customer reviews, and other types of organic content to encourage your new visitors to convert.

  • Tinker with the colors and themes to see which ones attracts the audience.
  • Do you audience engage more with video or pictures?
  • What type of copy works well – short and snappy or long?

Selling during the holidays takes a lot of effort from building up the supplies to selling them.

But remember, this is the period where sales shoot up so hunker down, roll up your sleeves, and do the work.

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, start by optimizing your website, doing your testing, and planning your offers.

When your Facebook campaigns starts running, you can monitor and make adjustments when needed.

Ouch! Is your website costing you sales? Find out with a free audit.**

** Not another disguised sales pitch. No strings attached. Applicable tips.

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