Generating Real Estate Leads with Squeeze Pages

There is a way real estate agents can use Squeeze Pages and Facebook Marketing to generate high quality seller leads for a fraction of the cost they would normally spend in getting their leads elsewhere. How can they do it?

Collect Targeted leads for your listing

Real estate agents traditionally have bought their leads from popular sites such as Trulia and Zillow, however they can now collect leads directly, and not just any leads but specific and targeted ones. They can do this by driving traffic, via online advertisement, to a custom-landing page that will capture seller leads – this strategy can generate higher quality leads than before. You can create a custom-landing page by using a Squeeze Pages template and you don’t need to be technically savvy to do this, as Squeeze Pages have made the process really simple to use.

Look at how other real estate agents are doing their own landing pages and take the lead from there. Get tips from the big players. What colours are they using? How do their headlines look? What are their call to action buttons like? These companies have researched these tactics thoroughly and get inspiration from them. Once there is an idea of what the baseline should look, customize it, add some words and basically tailor it to make it your own. Once the landing page is set up, then start running ads to that page. Facebook ads are recommended but Google, Bing or others are good, too.

Save time and money by split testing

The key in this strategy is having a high converting landing page that can be easily done with Squeeze Pages. Squeeze Pages power user, Tyler Zey, created and uploaded his own template specifically for this purpose and has made this template available. You can apply these techniques in your business by using the real estate starter pack that includes all the HTML files for Tyler’s template and a PDF outlining this lead generation strategy. Click on the download button below to get your copy sent to your inbox. You can even use this template even if you’re not a real estate agent – the template is free and you’re under no obligation to buy anything. You can save lots of money in implementation and deployment costs when you use Squeeze Pages to customize and publish your landing page/s.

If you want Squeeze Pages to customize your page, click on the button to purchase the page from Marketplace and it will be added to your account where you have free access to over one hundred high-converting landing page templates. Customizing templates inside Squeeze Pages is easy and most major email service providers are also integrated. Pick those you would like to integrate with and which list to add them to, then all leads will then be added to your list. Finally, you can publish pages to Squeeze Pages servers, WordPress, Facebook or your own servers. Head over to to see how a squeeze page works. Choose the plan that works best for your needs. If you decide it isn’t for you, all plans come with a 30-day, one hundred percent money back guarantee.

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