Infusionsoft Campaigns – What’s Proven and What You Should Use

Is your email campaign effective? You can find out if your email campaign is effective by doing an audit. An audit will give you a clear picture of the email campaign success, the quality of leads you generate and the effectiveness in hitting your target market.

There are Infusionsoft campaigns that have proven to be effective. These are the top four that help scrub lists, sends timely messages, get social and convert leads.
  1. Cleaning the Contact List – More than 200 Infusionsoft customers use this campaign to clean nearly a million emails. Cleaning the contact list involves keeping the list scrubbed, updated and segmented. Weeding out contacts who are no longer in your target market ensures that you only send emails to relevant recipients. This will increase the chances of your emails actually being read. Clean your contact list every three months and you’re bound to increase its quality.
  2. Birthday Reminders – Sending out birthday greetings to your customers will help build a stronger connection. This will remind them about you which will come in handy when they haven’t interacted with you for quite a while. This campaign is not limited to birthdays. You can also do this on key dates such as the first date you started interacting.
  3. Increase your Social FollowingSocial media marketing will continue to dominate marketing channels. It is wise therefore to engage using the different social media platforms. The leads you gave generated through email campaigns should be your social media followers as well. This way, you will have another window of communicating with them.
  4. Hottest Leads – Lead score goals can be reached by focusing on the hottest leads. Classify and segment your contact lists into hottest and cold and this will make your targeted messaging more relevant. Of course you still have to give some attention to your lukewarm leads but a focused approach on the hot leads will garner more sales.
There are four other Infusionsoft campaigns that you might not be using, but should, that will help you get back hard bounces and cart deserters. These campaigns will also help you stay on top of requests, grow your sales and save time.
  1. Hard Bounce Recovery – When it comes to email marketing, no one wants a hard bounce. Hard bounces happen when the email address is erroneous or when the sender is blocked. An email address that keeps on bouncing will render it useless for future campaigns. The Hard Bounce Recovery campaign will help you recover hard bounces as they occur. The campaign involves a phone recovery sequence that will create a follow-up to customers with bouncing email addresses. Once the email address is corrected, the customer can then resume getting your messages.
  2. Abandoned Carts into Sales – Abandoned shopping carts are a big deal to businesses who rely solely on online sales. A whopping 67% of shopping carts are abandoned without a single purchase even though there was an intention to buy. The campaign that turns abandoned carts into sales has a 7% global order recover rate – over 300 abandoned orders are recovered. This campaign involves a follow up contact when the visitor starts purchasing. In case he fails to follow through, they are reminded of their intention to purchase. They are also given an incentive to return and complete their purchase.
  3. Automate Contact Request – Owners of small businesses usually work alone or with minimal support. Coping with contacts and service request are tasks they need help with. This is a vital need when it comes to making their customers feel their concerns are important. The Automate Contact Request campaign makes sure that prospects and contact requests get an immediate response. Inquiries are channeled to a person in the company who is tasked to answer them. Customers will feel that you are prompt in responding to their queries.
  4. Business-in-a-Box – Owning a new business is a daunting undertaking. There is so much to do and not enough time to do them. Automating an email campaign can free up significant hours but you may not know how to start. The Business-in-a-Box is a bundle of three separate campaigns that help grow sales and save time. Whenever there’s a new lead that ventures into your website, the campaign initiates a follow-up task. When the lead turns into a customer, a welcome sequence will turn them into a fan. All is takes is 30 minutes to launch this campaign.

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