SMS Marketing: Should You Use SMS in Your Marketing

SMS or Short Message Service has long been a player in the marketing business and is a perfect tool to any marketer. It is easy, quick and cost effective to implement and every marketer should be taking advantage of it.

At present, about 7 billion people own cell phones. These 7 billion people read, or at least glance, at the  text messages they get. In fact, the open rate for SMS is cited at a whooping 98% so it is, in fact, a superstar marketing tool. (Truth be told, from a recipient’s point of view, much as you want to, there’s no escaping from SMS marketing.)

In case you need to be convinced further, here are the reasons why you should use SMS marketing in your next campaign:

  1. Affordability – Any type of business, be it a small flower shop or a multi-national company, can use it. Whatever budget can afford SMS marketing because there are messaging options wherein you only pay for your actual usage.
  2. High ROI – A text message costs cents to send yet it may result to a huge return when you offer incentives such as exclusive discounts or special gifts.
  3. Quick to use – If you need to boost a marketing campaign, SMS marketing is the one that will send your message out the quickest. There are SMS service providers that offer no-set-up options that will allow you to send messages to your entire database by using a web-based platform. And, you can do it within hours of setting-up.
  4. Track time and location – Consumer nowadays are more mobile than before and you can smartly integrate SMS with your web platform to send alerts that are location-specific.
  5. Attention-catching – Mobile phone users are alerted every time they get a text message and they can give it immediate attention.
  6. New leads – If you set up a keyword with an SMS short code, customers may choose to be included in your database so they won’t miss out on your offers. It’s a great way to getting new leads. It will even be better if they refer you to friends and family. Make sure to offer something of value then.
  7. Trackable – You can track your messages when you get the services of the big SMS marketing services providers. This is important because you can trace it back to sales.
  8. Personal – SMS marketing targets customers who have opted to receive your messages. This allows you to customise your messages to make them more personal. Furthermore, text messages have a limit of 160 characters so you are forced to make your messages go direct to the point.
  9. Loyal customers – You can make your customers feel as if they belong to a select group and they will reward you with loyalty. You may try something like, “Input the code xxxxx when checking out to enjoy an extra 10% discount.”

SMS marketing, albeit its simplicity, reaches a huge number of people. Do not ever discount its effectiveness when it comes to marketing.

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