Tips In Making Email Newsletters that Readers Devour

Tips In Making Email Newsletters that Readers Devour

Email newsletters are emails you send to your audience to inform them of your latest news, new products, or any updates about your company. It can be a weekly digest, a quarterly update, or whenever you have news to share or new products to announce.

There is no limit to what you can put in an email newsletter. You can do a blog roundup to establish your brand as a thought leader in your field. You can also include links to your social media accounts. Or also write about industry news that your readers may find interesting. This way you can establish yourself as a trusted resource. Note that well-written content can be shared to like-minded friends and this is a great way to increase your reach.

Marketing via email is one of the oldest strategies in ecommerce. New ones have followed suit, some more popular but usually these are trends, and like all trends, they end. This will not happen with email marketing because it is the first form of communication online; it has built strong legs to stand on. It may not be the most eye-catching, it may not go viral like memes do, it may not be the most engaging, but emails still have the potential to generate as much as 40% of your revenue when done properly.

Email newsletter is no longer the generic bulletin we used to get. It has transformed into a sophisticated solution that eCommerce businesses rely on. Plus, with email automation life cycle and customer segmentation, email marketing can help you build lasting relationship with your customers. So, how does your email newsletter look like? Do they go straight to the trash? Are they compelling enough for your readers to open and read what’s there? If you want to level-up your email newsletters, we have some tips for you:

1. KISS (Keep It Short & Simple)

An email newsletter is not a novel. Keep it short, but make sure to cover all the important details. Your subject line must be engaging. Long ones do not perform, and a salesy language turns off readers. Write it in a way that will compel readers to know more. Then your content should be relevant. Do not make it long. Go straight to the point.

2. Write in a casual tone

An email newsletter should show your personality. Avoid corporate language because you are not writing an annual report. Use a personable tone and humor to make your readers feel like they are having a personal conversation with them.

3. When it comes to graphics, less is more

An email that is 100% text is not enticing to read. Images are attractive so make sure to put some. Do not go overboard though because it may look cluttered. Too many images will also fight for attention, drawing it away from what is important.

4. Take note of the preview pane

Your readers do not see your entire email at first glance. What they see first is a preview which shows just the top 200 to 300 pixels of your image. Take note of what is in this area and make sure the salient points of your email are visible.

4. Take note of the preview pane

Your readers do not see your entire email at first glance. What they see first is a preview which shows just the top 200 to 300 pixels of your image. Take note of what is in this area and make sure the salient points of your email are visible.

5. Make your brand recognizable

Your brand should be easily recognizable when a customer opens your email. Use your brand’s colors, design elements, and other visual guidelines when doing your email newsletter.

6. Make a Table of Contents (if applicable)

There are readers who cannot go through each item in your newsletter even if it is brief. Include a table of content to conveniently guide said readers to the particular content they are looking for.

7. Make it eye-friendly

Most readers do not have the time to sit down and read the entirety of your email. Usually, they read emails on their phone. Those who are on their laptop just browse through it. Make sure that what they are looking at is easy to follow. Texts should be against a solid background. The white spaces and images should flow in such a way that there is less to read and more to see.

8. Optimize for Mobile

We can all agree a lot of online purchases happen from a mobile device. It’s so much easier to shop on a phone or tablet because you have it with you wherever you are. Online payment facilities are also on the phone, so it’s more convenient than opening a laptop. By 2021, it is predicted that mobile commerce will dominate 54% of online sales. With this said, your email newsletters should be optimized for mobile.

9. Include a clear CTA

An ideal email newsletter is 90% informational and 10% promotional. This 10% is essential in reaping the benefits of sending out the email newsletter. A clear CTA is important. It may be along the lines of clicking a link, invitation to “like” you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, or the more common “Buy Now” CTA.

10. Lastly, find out what works for you

Test your emails to know which type gets opened and read and which type gets trashed upon receipt. Which design has a high open rate? Do your readers prefer static images? Or do they prefer GIFs? Your first few designs may not get you the results you want. That is why you should keep on testing until you nail the design that works.

The effectiveness of email marketing for eCommerce has long been proven. Email newsletters provide a venue where customers can get to know your brand intimately. Readers know that your newsletters arrive at their inbox on a regular basis.

It will be a big advantage if your readers develop a habit of reading your emails. So use the tips we have given to help you write your newsletters well and sell more!

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