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Video Marketing Has Become The Undisputed King Of Advertising In 2022

Customer attention is rapidly dwindling. Walls of text are swiped away or scrolled through mindlessly. The future of your business demands that you be heard, not read.

There are literally hundreds of reasons why you need to use the power of video marketing to make your business unstoppable in 2022. But look at us, getting caught up in text – zoom those eyeballs to our client’s videos below!

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We all know a good landing page is the most important part of any lead funnel. 

But meticulous studies from some of the industry’s biggest marketing agencies show that having a video on your landing page boosts conversions by 80%

80%! Just let that sink in. You can practically double your conversation rate with just a 30 second video!


A high-quality video is instrumental in building trust:

  • It has the power to tap into feelings that words simply can’t.
  • Influencer marketing allows your product/service to be endorsed by a trusted (& hugely followed) member of FB or Instagram
  • Viral marketing – the more social proof a video has (likes, shares, comments) the
    more trust users will place in it. People are more likely to buy from a video that has over a million views, than only a hundred.
  • The right video will also be informative. Studies show that educating your leads on
    what your product or service goes a long way towards building trust

Digital Junkies

Explosive fact for you: did you know that 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices? According to YouTube, mobile video consumption increases by 100% every year. 

People like to watch videos on their mobile phones and mobile phone users keeps on growing every year; therefore, video audience will keep on getting bigger.

Consider this additional statistic from Google: there are twice as many smartphone users than TV viewers and there are 1.4 times more mobile viewers than desktop viewers. As a brand, your videos should cater more to mobile users.


Over 50% of social media marketers use video. When more than half of the industry uses a particular tool, it pays to understand why. 

In this case, social media platforms actively encourage video content creation. Facebook, for example, Live Video, 3600 Video, and Life
Stage. Instagram has IG stories and Reels. Don’t even get us started on YouTube; studies have shown that almost everybody who uses
the internet, also regularly uses YouTube, and it is already ranking as the second most popular social media platform.

Take note though that in social media, people share emotions more than information. Users share a video only if it’s entertaining.

Our Video Strategy Sessions Are Normally $350 – But We’re Giving It To You For Free!

Sick of seeing low amounts of leads coming through? Tired of chasing leads that never respond? Here are 5 reasons video marketing can solve these problems:


Boost Your Google Rank


Studies have shown that a video will increase your chances of being 1st in a Google search by at least 50%! Video increases the time a visitor spends on your site, and this builds trust that signals the search engines that you have good content.Make sure that your YouTube videos are optimized for SEO by writing interesting titles and descriptions. Then, add a link to your website.

Look into interactive videos as this will encourage more actions. Do not forget that Google owns YouTube, and because they love their own, most of the top three positions in the search result are taken up by a YouTube carousel.


Dominate Your Email Marketing


An introductory email that includes a video is more effective in catching attention than an email that is all text. In fact, there is a CTR of 96% for emails that include video.

This is because a video displays a much higher level of interactivity and engagement, as opposed to
static text. Not to mention it also gives the recipient the impression that you are putting in the extra yard of work just for them.


Educate, Explain, Explode Your Sales!

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There is no better way to get your thoughts across than creating a video. If you have a new product coming out, an explainer video can help your market know more about it.

Forty five percent of businesses who use video marketing have an explainer video on their homepage. Most of them say that their explainer video is tremendously effective at converting leads and helping consumers understand the benefits of their product/service.


Tap Into The Future’s Market

tik tok

Almost no business (including so-called “digital marketing agencies”) have even scratched the surface of what video marketing can achieve. There are some amazing things being achieved by new markets, such as viral marketing & influencer marketing. Studies have shown that over 86% of Gen Z audiences prefer to do their online shopping from a reputable social media influencer or celebrity – particularly from videos on Instagram & Tik Tok!

Videos are more than just millennial memes and skits, however, as modern-day audiences view influencers as a trusted source – they’re even more powerful than reviews and referrals. After all, buying from a new online business for the first time can be a daunting affair; having a powerful recommendation could make the difference between nudging someone over the conversion line!


Demand People’s Attention


Decision makers in most companies don’t have time to sift through a dense website. Videos
are engaging, and can get your point across quickly. They reach potential customers who
otherwise would have passed you by without a second look.

Humans are emotional beings; it’s very, very hard to evoke emotions and passions using text
– and almost impossible when people know they’re being sold to! A video can greatly aid
you in evoking emotions in your audience without cheesy one-liners and overused cliches.
Express the story of your product or service, and of your vision in a way that will resonate
with viewers and compel them to join your journey as loyal customers.

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The Video Making Process


Step 1: Content is more important than production quality

How polished your video looks will not matter if your content lacks substance. Your audience is more interested in information – rather than lighting, layout, set design, etc. Having something up on your site that gives value and information to your leads is leagues better than spending months trying to nail that perfect shot.


Step 2: An effective video appeals to the emotions

Remember what we said about evoking emotions earlier? Don’t bore your audience - be a storyteller. Talk about your product in an entertaining manner.


Step 3: Test your videos

There is no rule of thumb, yet, when it comes to video marketing.
Test what works well for your brand. There are types of content that are better consumed when short, while others need to be long. Some are effective when done in animated format, while others will use paid actors to weave a narrative.


Step 4: Be comfortable doing live videos

Remember what we said about evoking emotions earlier? Don’t bore your audience - be a storyteller. Talk about your product in an entertaining manner.

youtube 2

Step 5: Video means YouTube

YouTube is the place for independent content creators and
brands to build their following. Monetization has long been established on YouTube and there is where all the big players and audiences migrate to, eventually.


Step 6: You can use videos in personal sales and support.

Videos are not just for introduction and explanation. You may use videos for sales and support. Go ahead and record clips
with your sales and support team that viewers may watch at their convenience.

Make Sure You Have The Experts On Your Side

If you’re planning on making a business-defining video for your website, then make sure you bring the experts onto your side. Our marketing gurus have decades of experience making unforgettable videos – call Digital Junkies today!