Why is Infusionsoft NOT the best CRM on the market?

Marketing Automation: Not For Big Businesses Alone

Sending marketing materials through email can translate to sales if done properly. According to studies, customers have a preference for email marketing. The thing is, you have to know how to do it correctly for email marketing to work. The emails that you send should be personalised and tailored to the needs and circumstances of the recipients. Do not send blanket emails to your entire address book because that can spell disaster. There was this instance when a photography service offered free blow up photos for mums who recently gave birth. They mistakenly sent it to their entire contact list. Can you imagine how a woman who was unsuccessful in getting pregnant would feel when she got that? Or, one who just had a miscarriage? It’s a terrible mistake, right? The company ended up sending an apology letter to everybody. Do not let that mistake happen to you.

Doing email marketing properly means customisation or dynamic content. The text of your email should be personalised according to what the recipient needs. It may seem tedious but it’s not. You can send different versions of customised emails to different recipients. This is what we call marketing automation.

Marketing automation goes beyond just dynamic content. Not only is the email customised; sending it (or not sending it) is based on behavioural criteria. For example, a frequent visitor to your website gets a “poke” email on his third visit. You can glean from his behaviour that he’s interested. Poking him at the time his interest level is high would highly make him read your email. This type of marketing automation has long been available for mid-sized and big companies.

What about Small Businesses?

InfusionSoft offers marketing automation for small businesses. Small businesses will greatly benefit from this because unlike the big players, small businesses have limited budget when it comes to paper campaigns. They cannot do it on a regular basis. Every opportunity they can touch base with potential customers should be maximised. Meeting a customer today should provide the opportunity to continually touch base with him.

What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is one of America’s fastest-growing companies. Their software is excellent but what really gives them an edge is their focus. They are an automation package not just for information marketers. Professional services firms, small retailers and even e-tailers can use Infusionsoft. They are excellent in reaching out to whatever type of customer base.

You can use Infusionsoft to send newsletters and other type of publication where everyone gets the same content. Go ahead and do that if that’s what you need but don’t forget that you can do much more with it. The real edge of Infusionsoft is the ability to create email automatically and deliver the same based on set conditions and customer behaviour.

You can create a campaign and set certain behaviour, for example, visiting your website, as a trigger point in sending out your communication. Then, you can automatically send follow-up emails at a preset schedule. You are free to customise the schedule and content as much as you want. Then, you can set a stop point to end the campaign or drive it towards another direction. Doing this is not at all difficult because Infusionsoft has dependable in-house coaches who are there to help you think of campaigns and strategies to help you build your business.

Infusionsoft is a Multi-tasker

You can do away from needing different software to do related tasks thanks to Infusionsoft. It is the closest to an all-in-one system you can get. While you can email, fax and do voice mail, you can also create and host Web forms and links. Infusionsoft is also a rich and real-time customer database. You can add e-commerce features like shopping carts, product pages, discounts and coupon codes. You can also insert links and icons automatically to maximise your social media presence. Mastering all these tasks may seem challenging at first but once you learn Infusionsoft’s interface, you can find your way inside it. Even non-techie users can master it.

Is Infusionsoft for you?

What types of reports will help you make business decisions? When it comes to marketing, Infusionsoft can provide important, real-time reports on specific key metrics and even actual ROI.

The fees for Infusionsoft range from $199 to $999 monthly. It may seem costly more-so when compared to email-only software but note that Infusionsoft can do so much more. It’s a very good investment even for small businesses. For startup companies however, Infusionsoft is not a great choice. Your online marketing plan should already be established and seamlessly linked to your sales and customer service to make Infusionsoft work for you.


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