98% Open Rate With SMS – SMS from an InfusionSoft Campaign

Use SMS in your life-cycle marketing for even better results.

We have created a very simple method of integrating SMS messages into Infusionsoft automation campaigns. Within each Infusionsoft campaign toolbox under process there is a function called Send HTTP Post. We can use this to call the Burst SMS API and send a text message. To integrate, drag the Send HTTP Post item into your campaign sequence and the click on it. You can find how this works here> – As a Junky how to integrate this into your existing sales strategy.

How accurate is the 98% open rate?

Infusionsoft-logo-2012The statistic of a 98% open rate gets thrown around alot in the SMS industry, but have you ever wondered how this came to be? SMS messages essentially have a guaranteed read rate, because you can’t delete a message without looking at it.

Most messages get delivered as a push notification, or are so short that you digest it in one glance – whether you want to or not. The real measure of SMS effectiveness is based on content engagement.

How do we measure this?

  •     Clicks on a URL in the message
  •     Replies to the message
  •     Opt-out %
  •     Redemptions of a unique offer in the message
  •     Calls to a unique number in the message

Looking at these elements, we can guage how well an SMS campaign is doing. This can be applied to a reminder process as well.

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