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In 2021 you can't get away with just building a pretty web site. To stand out in these competitive digital times you need a solid strategy. Work with us so you can thrive and use the latest strategies in your business.

At Digital Junkies, we’re a bit different. No impossible promises. No high pressure sales calls. No tech waffle.

We have worked with lots of different agencies who have continually overpromised and undelivered. Digital Junkies have exceeded our expectations, producing tangible, measurable results – often selling us out of inventory! 

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Why go with us for your web design? Well, how do we put this...

We thrive on creating the entire digital echo system. When you see how all the dots are connected you'll get as excited as we do. Lets explore the numbers together: Conversion rate percentages, lead costs and all the metrics you can think off. You'll love it!

Web Design And ECommerce Platforms

Web design has changed and advanced dramatically in recent years. You have amazing technology at your finger tips that you could have only dreamed off... It's exciting times to build a new site or eCommerce store.

Lead Generation And Digital Marketing

If you just want a brochure fair enough... But what is the point of having a web site if you don't have a digital strategy to go with it? Your web page is the central hub to your entire digital echo system.

Australian Hosting And Support

Many privacy policies have changed so a fast, secure Australian server is the only way to go. After your site is developed and looking hot we can take care of all the hosting and security making sure you have 99.9% up time.

Email Marketing / SEO And Adwords

There is a magic combination: How do we know? Because we have been building sites and digital strategies for a very long time. High conversion site + digital marketing + Marketing Automation = Success online.

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Sure we can build nice sites...

But what really gets us excited? You need more traffic, more leads, more conversions?

We can make that happen. If you have played with social media marketing before you know the magic happens when you switch on your social media advertising.

From lead magnet campaigns to re-targeting, from dynamic product ads to event promotions, we can get your content viral and your products in front of the right audience.


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There are so many options... Why chose our system?

Yes we can build great looking sites, but we are conversion focused… Period. If you want to generate leads, sell products or generate traffic you need to build a theme and CMS for speed, readability and clarity. Our system is packed with features that make your website management and updating super easy. We also provide training and show you how to build your own sales funnels, squeeze pages, ever-green webinars and much much more!

Our Content Builder is the fastest and most intuitive visual editor for WordPress. Easily create drag-and-drop layouts, add buttons and advanced content elements so you don’t need to have so many subscriptions.

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There are so many options... Why chose our system?

Before you even decide on a web design we try to be many steps ahead. We strategise on what your industry craves and how your site will attract the right target audience and how we get them to act and buy your product opt-in to your sales funnel. We know on average it takes 6-15 digital touch points before they decide to whip out the credit card.

We test different headlines and landing pages so you can measure your conversions. This improves your content marketing production and delivery. For each blog post, The Headline Optimizer will A/B test your titles and show only the highest performing ones.

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Animal Emergency Services

Web Design, Digital Marketing, Infusionsoft

Our adwords optimisation has produced amazing results with a $2.50 cost per call. We know how much pet owners love their pets so when there is an emergency it is super important that they not only find AES, but that they can call easily and find their address with no delays. That is why we redeveloped their website, so it was super optimised for mobile,with a quick call function.

They have five clinic locations so finding the closest hospital, could truly be a matter of life or death. We also worked hard on their organic reach to increase traffic and leads. We devised a detailed digital strategy and deliver it through dramatic, cute and engaging content - their Facebook reach has sky rocketed to over 200,000 a week.

At Digital Junkies, we’re a bit different. No impossible promises. No high pressure sales calls. No tech waffle.


Surgical Weight Loss Centre

Web Design, Digital Marketing, Infusionsoft

The surgical weight loss team was looking for a new approach, and a way to fill their information nights. Their goal was to make sure if someone was struggling with obesity, that they could be found online and help could be offered for this disease. We presented digital marketing to them in a whole new light, showed them just how powerful it could be.

We built them a new website with lead generation at the forefront. We devised a “Do you qualify for weight loss surgery” campaign in Infusionsoft and started achieving inquires for as low as $2.80 each with a social lead generation campaign. We achieved outstanding results for Google organic rank and tripled the traffic to their site in just 2 months. Our work has allowed them to grow their practice and automate the qualification process.

At Digital Junkies, we’re a bit different. No impossible promises. No high pressure sales calls. No tech waffle.


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