Instagram is a super power. How do you use Instagram in your business?

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Instagram Marketing

Digital Junkies provide top-shelf Instagram marketing services in the Gold Coast. We’re current on all Instagram trends, and deploy all our resources to give your business a powerful Instagram presence.

Why Instagram?

Instagram has experienced phenomenal growth, building over 150 million users in just 3 years. This represents a growth trajectory greater than Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. The gist? If you’re not investing in quality Instagram marketing, you’re falling behind. Pretty strong incentive, if you ask me. Let Media Junkies catapult you into Instagram, and show you why we’re the best.

What we do

It’s simple. We bring your vision to life and build brand loyalty through creative, smart Instagram marketing. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all attitude, and never take short cuts to get you leads. We conduct a healthy dose of research, create fresh content, and manage your account activities so you can focus on business.

What are the benefits of an Instagram Marketing?

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We are meticulous researchers.

There are lots of advantages of using Instagram marketing, for example:

  • The ability to employ creative ways in marketing your products and services
  • Being able to upload photos from behind the scenes of your business
  • You can host photo contests
  • You can make stars out of your followers
  • The ability to come up with images featuring promotional codes
  • You get better engagement
  • You get more traffic
  • You get accessing free advertising
  • You gain access to wider markets
  • It adds a personal touch

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