AI SEO: The future of “generative” organic and paid Search

Update on how "ai" search will effect SEO and PPC results:

SEOs, PPCs, and everyone else… there’s no need to imagine any more.

Google finally revealed what AI-powered search could look like in the very near future during its I/O conference, and the future is both exciting… and scary.

SERPs gone wild: Google’s AI-powered search results page, for example, looks like a rich results page, but on steroids.

When you type a question, the SERP will provide a detailed AI-generated answer with three allegedly organic sources listed at the top-right.

… But before you scroll to see more paid and organic results, you can either ask a follow up question, or pick and choose an answer provided by AI to continue the conversation.

Only afterward will you get to sponsored and traditional “blue links.”

Uh oh.

What about ads? Google says ads will continue appearing in the dedicated spots throughout the page, but now advertisers will be able to “reach customers along their journeys.”

Sounds like your ads could appear later in the conversation, when a user asks the right follow up question. Interesting.

What that means for you: Well, a lot. First, it seems like the traditional organic links might be “pushed down” in favor of the AI chatbot.

On the bright side, you can still be listed among top sources for any primary or follow up question, so hyper-targeted keywords could still launch your content to the very top.

Unfortunately, it looks like some featured snippets might go away, including the “people also ask” section.

Will be interesting to see how this all plays out…

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