Almustafa Lebanese Restaurant

The Almustafa Restaurant is an institution in Glebe, Sydney. More than 20 years ago, owner Ian Billangil, opened the doors to this authentic Lebanese and family-run business. Their reputation has grown exponentially over the years and people from all around Sydney come on a regular basis to dine here. Besides traditional Lebanese food, Almustafa is also known for their live entertainment especially, their belly dancing shows. From corporate functions to romantic candle-light dinners, Almustafa can cater for all.


For years, the business had a very conservative offline marketing strategy that worked well in a world before social media. Many of Almustafa’s customers would come and visit regularly, but recently the business owner could see a new trend of consumers looking online for dining experiences in Sydney. It was about time to adjust their marketing strategy progressively changing to more online.


Media Junkies consulted closely with the restaurant management and developed a concise digital marketing strategy including:

  • Social Media Management
  • Social Advertising and Media Buying
  • Newsletter Production, Copywriting and Graphic Design
  • Birthday Club
  • Regular Competitions


  • Increased email database via regular offline and online competitions (400 new leads per week on average)
  • Increased newsletter opening rate from 15%-35%
  • Established a birthday club to stimulate customer retention and build up membership to 4,000 to date
  • Increased social media following of 45% in 6 month
  • 4,350 Facebook Check-Ins to date
  • 2,667 targeted Facebook followers to date
  • Increased reviews on Facebook of 24% in 6 months


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Strong coffee and nearby seating is highly recommended, but not mandatory.