Facebook Marketing – Are You Doing It Right?

Facebook for business is a multi-headed beast

Uncle Facebook’s recently released fistful of features should swiftly become part of your Social media marketing and promotional arsenal.

1. Use Featured Videos

Hitting just over a billion video views per day in late 2014, Facebook has made the move into video territory, and why not? Nothing cuts through like audio-visual content specifically spiced for your market, and Facebook’s new Featured Video tab makes it easier than ever to branch into A/V. Remember – keep it interesting and relevant as it will be prominently displayed in your videos!

Click ‘Videos’ in the tab below your page’s cover photo and add your featured video.

facebookmarketing2. Customised Advanced Remarketing

Already using Custom Audiences? Two of Facebook’s latest weapons allow businesses to customise their remarketing experience with presets designed to create lists that exclude conversion pages and try to bring former visitors back to your site.
What does this mean? Create a specific promotion or competition designed only for people you know visited your site within a set time frame that have not yet purchased or interacted, but, searched for, say, purple shoes. Or sand. Or whatever. Sharpen your audience focus at the same time or create ‘lookalike’ audiences. Make your list sizes specific and reactive to your business – some decisions require a longer process than pure spur-of-the-moment.

Up to 10,000 custom audiences can be formed for up to 180 days – get busy in Facebook Ads Manager.

3. Multi-Product Ads

It used to be one image, one product, one link and … blah. Facebook has added a ‘carousel’ ad feature that rotates several products in one single advertisement. Every product has its own landing page, image and title. The ‘comment’, ‘like’ and ‘share’ social buttons are shared between the ads and multi-product ads appear only in the news feed.
Keep your headline and character-limit to 25 and 30 words respectively. As with all Facebook ads, that pesky rule about no more than 20% of your ad image being made up of text applies. The Facebook image ‘square’ rule also applies – 600 X 600 pixels – so it’s very hip to be square.
Figure out what works for you in terms of ad numbers, don’t overload your people, know your market and keep experimenting until you find what works.

Set this up using Facebook’s Power Editor and switch between the ‘Images’ and ‘Links’ tabs.

4. Create Video Playlists

Engagement is the name of the game, and this new tool encourages users to watch and share more video content with ease.
If you’re trying to group content for an event, you can now create a playlist. Behind-the-scenes footage, previous event walk-through footage, some sort of really cool timelapse thing that people don’t even know about yet, a preview video of an upcoming star – ALL in one place, one easy click away for your people.

Click ‘Video’s below your cover photo, create your playlist and drop and drag.

5. Dynamic Product Ads

Only available to “selected” partners at the moment, this will allow you to promote relevant products from your entire catalogue on one convenient platform. It will also show Facebook users products relevant to their searches on your website or mobile app.

This will be automated. STAY TUNED!

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