Generating Leads Through Quizzes

Kudos to the person who thought of putting quizzes in Facebook or Twitter because it appears that quizzes can draw in large audiences. It didn’t take long for marketers to pick up on the cue and make use of quizzes in generating leads.

People love quizzes that are fun to take. If you are going to use quizzes to generate leads, come up with those that are entertaining and interactive.

How do you create quizzes that people will want to take? Here are some tips:

  1. Pick the right topic – When designing a quiz, find out which type will appeal to your target audience. If you’re in the pizza business, it could be something like, “What type of pizza are you?” Easy, right? But, if the type of quiz apt for your business isn’t obvious, do the following:
  • Know your audience. Create a quiz for a specific target; let’s say, regular gym-goers. If your quiz seems interesting to them, the likelihood it will succeed is high.
  • Think of one person your quiz will appeal to. Reach out to that person and see how you can make your quiz more appealing in terms of writing.Make your title interesting – Your quiz title is the first thing your audience sees. Make sure it will capture their interest enough for them to take the quiz. Here are home tips:
    1. Celebrity comparison – Everybody falls for this. “Which FRIEND are you most like?” This type of quiz is like a personality test but you can place different results into the quiz to relate it to your business. Let’s say you own a restaurant. Make the result about food choices. For example, “You are like Joey Tribbiani who cannot say no to pizza. Both of you will sure love our Pepperoni Crunch special.”
    2. Which (blank) are you? – “Which island resort are you?” This type of quiz is based on a traditional personality test. Substitute the personality types with the results you want for your quiz.
    3. The “actually” quiz – This is a knowledge test that poses a challenge to the takers. Admit it, no one wants to back away from a challenge especially when it’s something they feel they are an expert on. An example would be, “How well do you actually know the superheroes?”


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  1. Formulating your questions – You talk to your audience through your questions. Make sure you can establish rapport with them. Let your personality shine through or adapt a persona  that your audience can relate with. Throw your questions as if you’re talking with friends. And, since your friends, go ahead and get personal. Encourage your audience to share themselves to you through the answers they will give to your quiz.
  2. Design the results – Be mindful that people take quizzes with the intention of sharing the result to their friends. This is your chance to get shared as well. To make this work for you, take note of the following:
    • People want to look good in social media. Make the result of your quizzes favourable to them so that they will share it to their friends.
    • Do not lie in order to become positive.
    • Get ready to be shared. Formulate a results that encourages sharing; for example, “I am most like Joey Tribbiani. What about you?”

Now that you have an idea on how to create quizzes, how do you use them to promote your business?

  1. Tie your quiz to your website’s personality – This is easy if your business has an easily-identifiable personality. There is consistency when your quiz is tied to said personality plus your audience will easily identify you through it.
  2. Create a knowledge test within your information content –  Let’s say your are selling packed diet meals and in your website, you have lots of information on healthy eating. A knowledge quiz on eating clean is bound to give you a high conversion rate.
  3. Recycle past success – There are content that are more popular than others. Do not hesitate to repurpose those that are successful in generating leads.


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You have now created your quiz and now know how to use them. Next, how do you promote it?

  1. Use your website or blog – You can embed the quiz on your website the way you with YouTube videos. Doing this, all the shares, links and comments happen on your domain and this takes away the risk of distractions.
  2. Email newsletter – If you have subscribers, sharing your quizzes through a newsletter will increase activity in your website. Make sure you provide a link to your quiz that leads to a dedicated page.
  3. Facebook – You may share your quiz on your Facebook timeline or in a custom tab. If you are going to use your timeline, just grab an image and share it with a link to your quiz. Make sure the link is to your blog or a quiz page. You may also use a custom tab if you want a permanent fixture on your Facebook page to use the quiz.Twitter – Sharing on Twitter is pretty much the same as sharing on Facebook. As always, use an image to represent your quiz.

When to share you quiz affects how much activity it gets. Share it during peak hours, like middle of the day on a weekday. It’s around lunch time when most people take a breather and check on their social media. Share it again a few more times after that then stop.

Creating quizzes may involve some hits and misses but once you found the right way to do them, they will provide you with a new way to get your audience involved.

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