HashTags – #HowCanWeUseThem???

Nowadays it’s hard to open any social media without finding keywords or long lame phrases next to the hash key (#). Some love them, some hate them and some don’t have an idea why they are there.

Hashtags are labels for words or phrases that will eventually identify and unite specific topics. They can be extremely useful … or extremely annoying depending on how to use them.

No matter if you want to promote a product or to get more girls to follow your social media account; there are 4 golden rules to make you an efficient hashtag user.

1. Use Geographical Hashtags

This is very useful when your are trying to reach out to a specific target audience. For example, #Sydney #Surfers. In this case you are not only aiming for surfers (which are millions around the world) but also the ones that live in a specific place. Using hashtags with a geographical context can be very powerful in regards to getting your message in front of the right people.

2. Use Capital Letters to Make Your Hashtags Easier to Read.

Using capital letters make your hashtag easier to read and easier to identify, such as #aflgrandfinal into #AflGrandFinal. See the difference! This will make your hashtags not only more appealing but also your readers will appreciate it.

3. Use Hashtags Wisely

Use hashtags when you believe they will ad value to your posts. Don’t overuse them! #a #text #full #of #hash #tags #is #very #annoying #to #read. And will also target an oversized audience making your post less efficient.

4. Hashtags Are NOT Paragraphs.

If your hashtags are too long, like in #OhMyGodJustinBieberIsSooooCute your reach will decrease as people are not looking for your phantasy hashtags. Hashtags are like a walking aid that helps you navigating through the interwebs, staying connected with topics and trends you are interested in. Long sentences are not only hard to read but also too unique which makes it less likely that that you reach anyone with it.

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