Instagram Auto Ad Creation

Digital Junkies is partnering with Instagram to offer our clients ad creation, automation and cutting-edge optimisation.
Now your ads can be run through targeted software, driven by statistical feedback, optimised with real-time performance data (instead of best-guess rules), and have that data merged into easily understandable cross-channel reports.
All this takes the guess-work out of your social media marketing performance and gives you clear feedback on your business return on investment.

To Begin: Link your Instagram account to your Ads Account on Facebook Business Manager.
You now have the ability to create campaign ads in Automate Ads.

First: Navigate into the ‘Create’ section of Automate Ads


Second: Select your Ads Account, Page and Instagram account. Choose a budget and give your campaign a name.



Third: Begin adding creatives:


Fourth: Select your target profiles (through Ad Sets):


Fifth: Customise the automation settings and create the campaign:


Digital Junkies have automated systems to A/B test the creatives, rotate the ads, and manage the budget for your ad sets. These will prevent ad rot, optimise your bids, and find you the best available return on investment.

These are essential campaign tools for social media marketing. If you’re not using them you may already be falling behind your competitors.

Do it faster, do it better, do it cheaper – contact Media Junkies today.

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