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Our sunset policy: We continuously maintain our recipient list by applying what they call a ‘sunset policy’ in the marketing industry. This basically is a process that helps to passively clean an aged list of email subscribers. This is important as you only want to send out your content marketing to those who are interested in reading it. Implementing a sunset policy requires that you will be actively tracking the engagement of your recipients and removing those who have not opened or engaged with your mail in any way after a certain amount of time. Sunset policies work well as users who remain unengaged are automatically removed after a defined time span of email marketing. Please see the following blog post for more in-depth information on sunset policies and how you can apply it to your email marketing strategy.


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Email marketing sounds great, doesn’t it?. Imagine how much cheaper it is to send a message to thousands of email addresses, as compared to sending out your hard copy brochures to thousands of postal addresses?

Unfortunately, email marketing is not that simple. Apart from the complexities of designing and delivering email messages to the right people, getting them to read and respond to your message, and measuring and analyzing the results, there is the issue of permission.


How can our Email Marketing Services Benefit your Company?

Email marketing plays an important role for your business today. Whether you’re offering your services to the retail, information technology, education or financial industry, we provide you with the email marketing strategies that can help you reach out to your audience, promote your products or services and grow your business.

You need to stay in touch with your audience to let them know about your latest achievements, offers or events. However, if you have little time for email marketing – not to worry. We are here to help. We have professional designers to manage your EDM production, campaign managers to manage all your email blasts and reports that you can view online anytime, anywhere, 24/7. So, you just need to focus on your business while we get your email marketing done for you.

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