Like a rocket into space + social media discovery campaigns – What is that?

Why is it important to do a  social media discovery?

It’s like exploring space and finding what’s on other planets – Well maybe not that dramatic but this is how it works:

We will set up your Social Media Networks the right way (tweak your About Us page, come up with new graphic design, etc.), supply content and deliver audience engagement.

The overall idea is to find out what will lead to an online sale by using a combination of different content types, social search, social media advertising, linkedin marketing and audience building.

Over the course of 30 days, we would target audiences contextual and convert them into social followers / fans (=LEADS). We will identify target audiences, key influencers or communities of interest and will lead them through specific call-to-actions through the desired purchase process (=SALES).

The discovery campaign will be measured quantitatively by monitoring the client’s Klout Score (Social Media Influence Score) as well as by measuring key statistics during the campaign (such as amount of followers / fans, impressions per network, incoming messages, etc.) These insights combined with stats across the brand’s web properties (correlation to website statistics) will give us detailed information about follower demographics, their daily interactions and purchase behavior.


The campaign will also measure the quality of followers / fans (such as who are the top referrers / influencers in the industry or in a specific network) and what kind of relationships can be built with them.

Furthermore, the discovery campaign will point out clearly which content types work best for specific target audiences in the chosen social networks. Based on these insights, we will be able to recommend further adjustments to the client’s content strategy. The client will receive a monthly reporting along with recommendations.

Investment: $1,000 for 4 weeks + advertising budget (recommended $1,000 for 4 weeks)

We hope this information is sufficient to discuss your next step with your campaign.

 If you have any questions or would like to schedule a video call, please feel free to contact me any time on 04 16 234 016 – See you in space

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