Singularity One

Singularity ONE develops enterprise mobility solutions for the mining industry and just recently launched a high-profile mobile app that is revolutionising the mining industry worldwide.


While being a start-up, having a thought out website wasn’t high in the priority list. When selling into mining companies it became obvious that the company needed to lift their profile online as well as offline. This is why Singularity ONE approached Media Junkies to help re-design their online presence. They were looking for a modern feel that would also appeal to conservative corporations.


The discovery and planning process led to an exhaustive set of recommendations ranging from UX and technology to content, engagement and messaging. Our approach boiled down to identifying and understanding the key audiences and then re-imagining the site from a user-centric standpoint. The focus of the re-design was to make the website more visually appealing and easy to navigate through. By redesigning the site, Media Junkies was able to showcase the complete offering represented by Singularity ONE.

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Bounce rate went down 43.8%
o Time-on-site increased by 128.67%
o Page views increased by 364.45%
o Pages-per-visit increased by 173%
o Visits increased by 93.19%
o New visits increased by 5.02%
o The site took eight weeks to design and build

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