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Reasons Your Email Marketing Needs To Level Up

In any business, customer is king. You need to look for them, convince them to buy your product and retain their patronage for future business. It’s no wonder that for salesmen, a client list is sacred. In these modern times, the most practical and effective way to reach customers is through email marketing. If you want to increase your customer traffic, you have to pay attention to how you do your email marketing.

Email marketing is the preferred channel to communicate marketing messages. According to a recent survey, customers prefer receiving marketing materials in their email than through post. TV ads and print ads are no longer the preferred marketing channel. This development is very good for all businesses particularly the start-ups. Email marketing is way affordable compared to print ads and TV ads. It’s also very easy do to. You don’t need special technical or artistic skill to write an email. You just need to brush up on your writing. Writing an email doesn’t take that much time. It may take you 90 minutes or less to write one and later on it can be quicker once you start automating. Email marketing is not just for newsletters. You can use it to send promotional materials, birthday and anniversary greetings and whatever else that can personalize your customers’ experience.

So yeah, email marketing rocks. Us here in Digital Junkies are believers in it. I’m pretty sure that since you’re reading this, you know the value of email marketing and are already using it. The thing is, is the software you’re using the best one? You cannot fully harness the benefits of email marketing until you have the software that can keep up with your needs.

InfusionSoft will help you push your email marketing efforts to the next level. If you are not yet a customer, allow me to tell you what you can do with it. If you are one, you will find out how you can maximize it further.

Here are the reasons why your email marketing needs to level up:

  1. Admit it, the software you’re currently using is limited. Other software similar to InfusionSoft can only do so much. There are a lot more email marketing can do for your business but the software you’re using is sadly inadequate. Be surprised at what InfusionSoft can do beyond what other software can.
  2. Customers deserve better. Today’s customers are finicky. They expect personalized marketing. It will flatter them no end if you can anticipate their needs. If you cannot do that, you’re bound to lose their patronage.
  3. Your software should do more that what is expected. If you are a new business, chances are you have a lot on your plate. You need to multi-task to make a dent on your to-do list. InfusionSoft is a multi-tasker. It can do a lot of complex tasks giving you time to do others.
  4. You need to correctly track your leads. InfusionSoft has the lead source tracking feature. With it you can review and analyze new leads, new customers and even new revenue that may come from specific lead sources. Who knows? Twitter might have the data on customers who really spends money. InfusionSoft can analyze that for you.
  5. You need to know who the valuable customers are. Knowing the customers you need to protect in order to keep their business is very important. InfusionSoft has the ability to track these customers.
  6. You don’t need autoresponders. If you are still doing the old school trick of sending auto-responses for your marketing efforts, you need to stop immediately. What you need is email marketing campaigns akin to targeted marketing.
  7. You need to target customer behaviour. The future in selling is behavioural-based marketing. You need to know what your customer is doing with regards to your business. Is he opening your emails? When was the last time he went to your website? You need to know these things so you can plan your next move. To make the process even easier, InfusionSoft allows you to tag you contacts based on their behaviour.
  8. You have a feeling your emails go straight to the spam folder. InfusionSoft makes sure that your emails get sent to the intended recipient and not to the spam folder. In this regard, InfusionSoft does not tolerate spamming.
  9. Big businesses intimidate you. You want to level up but dealing with the big players seems daunting. You don’t need to feel intimated talking to InfusionSoft. They may be a big player in the market but they’re very friendly to start-ups and new businesses.
  10. You need seamless integration with WordPress. Chances are you use WordPress. InfusionSoft plugs right into WordPress.
  11. You need to know your customers better. Knowing the customers is very important in any business. InfusionSoft captures useful data about every single customer you have come across. You can retrieve and use these data with ease to personalize your customers’ experience.
  12. You need a provider that can grow with you. InfusionSoft is backed by large investment capital firms. You can definitely count on their market presence. And, as your business grows, your needs may grow, too. InfusionSoft’s API is flexible in accommodating custom add-ons. They also have a reliable support – phone support, live chat, email support and other assistance to help you grow your business.

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