Welcoming Kim De La Haye To Digital Junkies

Australians have a long and proud tradition of claiming successful and inspiring Kiwi’s as our own – so let’s welcome Kim to the digital Junkies family!

Mild mannered Social Media Jedi by day and super DJ by night, Kim has always done things a little differently. At 18 she packed her bags, jet-setting solo from hometown Wellington to the bright lights of Brisvegas without knowing a soul. She is one of those people that open themselves to experience and go with the flow, and here she is, 13 years later, after taking a winding path that has always involved marketing in one form or another, whether consciously or by some divine intervention.

An accidental opportunity to manage her own events led to 13 years of marketing music, events and artists, discovering a passion for helping others promote their brand, as well as performing music and worldwide DJ’ing opportunities. She formed one of Brisbane’s first all-girl DJ crews and has been instrumental in pushing music forward in Brisbane, always using her people skills to connect with artists worldwide and bringing groups of like-minded people together. Whether promoting events, DJ’ing or just marketing an artist, you know if Kim is involved, she will bring her personality to the table, lend credibility and enthusiasm, and do it all with aplomb.

Combine six years of working in I.T. and audio-visual support for various universities plus qualifications in Entertainment Business Management, Tourism and Online Marketing and you have an online media, promotions and marketing all-rounder. She applies this unique field of skills intuitively and across each decision she makes.

Kim is a bubbly, honest, positive and, above all, fun person who manages to inject genuineness into everything she does, including an endearing skill for nonsensical witticisms. Also, a passionate traveller, aspiring producer, connoisseur of craft beer, casual cyclist, part-time sea creature (beach lover) and future ping pong champion. Her skill set, lust for life and general awesomeness are an absolute asset to Media Junkies and we’re very excited to have her on-board as our Social Media Jedi and Community Manager.


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