Building Facebook Page Likes: Addicted Targeting Strategies

Building Facebook Page Likes: Addicted to Targeting Strategies

Despite the recent Facebook changes, building relevant Facebook Page Likes is just as important as ever. One way to achieve this is through consistent Page Like campaigns.

How to organise your target groups:

Create a different ad set for each audience (Facebook’s recommendation also). Then vary each ad set with different image options and text to reach these groups of users. The amount of ad sets will depend on the amount of groups you wish to target.

Vary the budgets based on the size of the audience (e.g. $5/day for under 10,000 people) – and this can be constantly monitored and updated as you see what is working (or not working).

Where do the majority of your paying customers come from? Ensure you are targeting your ads to reach those users.

What appeals to your target demographic?Design the ad text and imagery with that in mind. Use different variations on text for each ad set, and a couple of different image options. Too many options however may water down your results.

Groups of People you should Target in a Facebook Page Like Campaign

1. Your Email List

“You already get my emails. Join other advanced Facebook marketers and like my page, too!”

The first people to target are those who are already on your email list but not currently following your page. You can set this up in Custom Audiences. This group may be smaller than you expect, as the addresses do not necessarily match up with Facebook users, and people outside of the countries you are targeting.

Make sure your daily budget is relevant to the audience size. For example, with a potential audience of up to 3,600 people (expect that to be much less after optimisation), a $5 budget per day is more than enough. Also watch your CPM – this can be affected if your budget is too high for the potential audience.


2. Website Visitors (1 Day)

“You see this ad because you visited my website today. Like my page to learn this!”

Get a lot of website traffic? Remarketing is something you must do! Through Website Custom Audiences you can target users on Facebook after they visit your website. A short duration works best for this type of group – as you need to remind them of your company shortly after their visit to your website to stay relevant in their mind. Once again, expect significant lower numbers than the traffic to your website when taking into account for optimisation and varying Facebook traffic – so you need adjust your budget accordingly.


3. Website Visitors – 30 Days

“You already read my blog. Join other advanced Facebook marketers and like my page, too!”

Cast a wider net and experiment with a longer timeframe such as 30 days, especially if you do not get that much website traffic. A larger audience can sometimes result in a lower CPM cost.

4. Paying Customer Lookalike

“Facebook thinks you’re similar to my customers. Are you an advanced Facebook marketer?”

While it is best to focus on closely connected users first, also experiment with other groups like this.

Lookalike Audiences: Facebook matches up interests, demographics and activities of a certain audience, and finds others that look like them. For example, you could use your paying customers – as a model for the Lookalike Audience.

5. WCA Lookalike

“Facebook thinks you’re similar to my blog readers. Are you an advanced Facebook marketer? Click here!”

Target users similar to your website visitors through Lookalike Audiences. Use a wide duration such as 30 days, and specify users who have accessed one of your blog posts published in 2015 for example.

6. Page Lookalike

“Facebook thinks you are similar to my fans. Are you an advanced Facebook marketer, too?”

Your current fans are the last Lookalike Audience to consider, but only if you believe in the quality of those users (e.g. if you bought fans then Lookalikes will not help you).


7. Single Interest

“More than 10K people like both my page and Facebook for Business. Click to join them!”

Use Audience Insights to discover what other Facebook Pages are relevant to your audience based on Facebook Page likes. If you see one that is particularly well liked, then use that data to target that group of users. Select the one most relevant to your audience (as it can be difficult to see what works with many interests). You can also choose to create a separate ad set targeting fans of this Page discovery, however first consider whether it is relevant and specific to your business and online marketing goals.

8. Lookalikes, Interests and Behaviours

“Join other advanced Facebook marketers and learn the strategies that build a business”

Lastly, experiment with a combo of Interests, Behaviours and Lookalike Audiences. You can use Audience Insights to help you decide what qualities are relevant to your current audience.

  • Lookalike Audiences: e.g. Website Visitors and Current Fans
  • Interests: e.g. Facebook for Business
  • Behaviours: e.g. Business Marketing or Facebook Page Admins
  • Education: e.g. University
  • Income: e.g. $80K or higher

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